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Welcome to Pandy Floats

I built this site for presenting my Pandy branded fishing floats, the result of many years of experience materialized in a high quality product.

          My great passion, the sport fishing, determined me to create my first fishing floats and to improve them in time, adding a touch of originality by personalizing them. I am using balsa wood, low density but high consistency foam, and, lately, a sort of extruded plastic, a fantastic material for fishing floats building.

          The usage of the most performant materials and the newest discoveries in the domain of fishing floats accessories and paints helped me to diversify the types and the sizes, managing this way to satisfy the most vary demands for a large scale of float fishing styles, for lakes or rivers, for competitional and amateur float fishing.

          Hoping that I will be able to bring a plus of color, finesse and efficiency to your fishing parties, I am thanking to all the visitors of this site, my collaborators and those who use the Pandy fishing floats!


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Pandy Floats

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